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Becoming a Model Through Instagram

Becoming a Model Through Instagram
Becoming a Model Through Instagram

Social networking is crucial for developing your brand, connecting with others, and finding work. Indeed, it has grown in importance to the point where several major modelling agencies now expect their models to be active on social media. Here are some tips for using Instagram to advance your modelling profession.

Begin by defining your distinct style.

Instagram is your magazine. Define your style and let your Instagram grid reflect that, whether you enjoy Givenchy or Stüssy. Please show us your personality and hobbies as well as your appearance. Do you enjoy travelling, photography, or make-up? Your Instagram style and hobbies will determine the businesses you eventually cooperate with outside of modelling.

How do you feel?

Your vibe draws people to you. People that follow you on social media do so for one of three reasons: they find you inspirational, relevant, or amusing, or they find you or your lifestyle appealing. Sometimes it's a mix of the three. Which one will you choose?

Make a bio!

Your bio explains why potential followers should follow you and what to expect from your posts. Include your representation information, keywords that indicate you're a model, and some of your outside hobbies.

Make a posting strategy.

Posting modelling images demonstrates your professionalism and includes behind-the-scenes shots from photo shoots and selfies when you're not all glammed up. Followers want to know what's happening in your life and how you're similar to them. Instagram appears to be a photo-sharing network, but it allows you to engage with your followers when used as a storytelling tool. These caption suggestions can get you started.

Make use of hashtags.

Hashtags can help you gain attention and followers for your modelling profession, but be cautious when you first start. You'll fall behind accounts with more significant followings and higher engagement if you merely aim to rank for popular hashtags like #model or #modellife, # modelling or #instamodels. You'll be more likely to appear in search results and expand your tribe. It's OK to use certain popular hashtags but stick to more specific tags with less competition.

Take control of your internet reputation.

The internet does not forget. Once it's online, it's there for good. Do not upload indecent photographs, use excessive foul language, or debate contentious issues. Before you share, consider potential brands and clients. You can also manage your brand image by altering your settings to approve all photographs in which you are tagged. Instagram will be with you for the rest of your life and career.

Interact with your audience.

Posting images is insufficient. Make your postings a conversation with your audience. Request feedback from your followers on your outfit. Inquire about their plans for the weekend or their favourite brands or goods. Use polls, question stickers, or emoji sliders to get people talking on Instagram stories.

A mention will draw attention to you.

In your professional images, tag everyone, such as photographers, businesses, or designers. Don't hesitate to order the brands and people you want to work with. Get their attention by mentioning it! It's an excellent method to engage with people, and they'll be more likely to promote your account to their followers.

Team up.

Collaborate with model/photographer buddies. Tag, remark, and share photographs. Instagram live/IGTV interviews. Collaborating with similar accounts (especially those with more significant followings) helps you develop your tribe.


Use social media to make more modelling contacts. Socialize. List your favourite models, companies, fashion photographers, and agencies. Then create relationships.

Don't attempt to be flawless on social media—just be yourself. Don't worry about perfect posts; publish. Try, tweak, and repeat. Practice makes postings better. Follow these steps to build your modelling network and fan base.

Helia Mohammadi

Social Media Specialist

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