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Fendi Men's Spring 2023 Collection Returns to Basics

Fendi Men's Spring 2023 Collection
Fendi Men's Spring 2023 Collection

The Fendi Men Spring 2023 collection represented a return to simpler days.

Historically, the spring season for menswear was all about making the cash register ring. It was a visual vehicle for designers to distill their brand's tropes and tricks (and, more often than not, a characterization) and make an it-list for the season that materialized again into the following.

When the stars align (we believe this is referred to as a retail report) and there is enough buzz in town (again, we believe this is referred to as a social media report), the item is given new life as a classic.

Silvia Fendi already knows what entertains a generation of Fendi clients at the Fendi Men Spring 2023 show, a feature she has been nurturing since 1994. The baby boomers just want easy-care garments, the Millenials have one eye on the future (the draw of anything new) as well as the past (once again, great clothes sell), and the Gen Z-ers can make "money moves."

Those with deep pockets don't need an introduction to what Silvia Fendi does for the House: they already know the look numbers they want and WhatsApp them to their sales associates, and for those with their own money, Fendi's menswear has become a style lexicon across social media apps — "You look very Fendi today", "That's a Fendi look", or "Let's do a Fendi".

While the Fendi Men Spring 2023 presentation may be broken down into stylistic cliches — '90s California cool, skater boy fits, or the All-American man — we're calling it a return to the simple life. A time in menswear when clothing was truly just clothes, when runway shows were so unified from start to end that you could rip looks apart and restyling them wasn't considered a fashion triumph, and, of course, items made for real-life. After all, the spring season has always been about getting outside and doing stuff.

Here are our five favorite looks from the Fendi Men Spring 2023 fashion show.

Look 1

The modest separates combo for Spring 2023 packs a visual punch – a nice coat, shirt, pants, and moccasins. The '90s flex for the modern era.

Look 4

The cow print, micro-micro-micro-shorts, and padded beach sandals were all microtrends at the Fendi Men Spring 2023 show.

Look 10

When worn as "tromp-loeil" denim, the formality of fur becomes something quirky.

Look 13

Subtlety is stunning at the Fendi Men Spring 2023 show, where a "shirtdress" with slits is shown.

Look 20

Making fur as appealing as it is abstract is, of course, one of Silvia Fendi's talents.

Helia Mohammadi

Social Media Specialist

Adicator Digital Marketing Agency

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